Accept multiple payment types with PayPal Here

Accept multiple payment types with PayPal Here

  • Just 2.7% Per Swipe

    Every US card swipe is 2.7%. No hidden costs.

    Live Customer Support

    Whenever you need support, we’re available to help with our customer support team.

    Quick Cash and 1% Back

    Get a PayPal Debit Card and have access to your money whenever, wherever – plus 1% cash back on signed purchases.

    No Long Term Commitment

    Start accepting payments quickly with our simple app download and setup.

    Keyed transactions 3.5% + $0.15: Manually enter a card number or scan a card, at a 3.5% transaction fee plus $0.15.

    1% Cross-Border Fee: Accept non-US cards for the standard 2.7% per swipe plus 1% cross-border fee.

    Go to website for more info: